Doggie Diva Pet Sitter


Doggie Diva Pet Sitter


We Do NOT Do Every Other Day Visits - All dogs in our care must be seen twice a day if you are out of town, &

Cats must be seen at least once a day. I know some people leave cats or bunnies for a couple days sometimes but

we are not comfortablewith not checking on a pet at least once in 24 hours. You'd be surprised at what could happen.

We care too muchabout your pets and home to take any chances of them getting sick, hung up on something and injured.


*For future Pet Sits, please e-mail me your dates or call me if you don’t do e-mail.

Also please remember to call your pet sitter when you return from a trip to let them know your pets

are back in your care again, if we don’t hear from you we will continue service and you will be charged.


Payment is expected in full, on the first day of service, I do not bill you! On our consult you are

provided with an envelope to leave payment on the countertop for us to pick up the 1st day of my service

starting. There are NO refunds for early returns!


Medical Policies These policies are in effect for the health, safety and well being of your pet as

well as all of our clients. *All dogs and cats under our care must be up to date on their rabies

vaccinations. We do NOT provide the care for pets requiring injections. Pets requiring external and /

or oral medications are acceptable and there are no additional charges for giving medications.


Key Policy I must have a key to your home before you leave; I will not leave

keys "under the mat" or the like, due to security issues for your home and for myself. In addition, I

will NOT lock keys in the house after the last visit, as I must be able to access your home in case

you are delayed on your arrival home and your pet(s) require additional visits. After your pet sit is

finished I can either mail your key back to you or keep them on file. If I keep your key you will be all

set for any future sits. Keys are kept in a secure location (Coded and Keyed Safe).


Termination Last but not least, Doggie Diva reserves the right to deny service or

terminate service for any reason, but especially in the case of safety concerns,

unsanitary conditions, or any inappropriate or uncomfortable situations.