Doggie Diva Pet Sitter

Contact Me

  If you are interested in any of my services you can fill out the form & we can set up your consult at a time that is convenient for you.

This is a FREE Consult, UNLESS you wait until the day before you are leaving & decide
to use a pet sitter, and need to schedule a last minute consult.  Then we charge $20 for the consult as we have to work it into our schedules.

At this first visit we will meet you and your pets plus we will provide you with
my business cards, payment envelope, and show your our insurance, etc....

We like to get to know your pet(s) on a personal level. We do respect your pet and their wishes and their comfort and well-being is of the utmost importance to us as their caregivers.

We must meet all of your pets, so please don't forget about the hamster in the bedroom or the fish in the den.

We will have you show us where you keep the food, leashes, litter boxes etc... You will tell us all about your pets and listen to what you want done.  Do they have any medical problems?   On medications?
What's their favorite toy?
Do they like their belly scratched or maybe their ears?
What are they used to having done?
Do they have any dislikes?