Doggie Diva Pet Sitter

Pet care in your home:

This option is available for pet owners who would rather have their pet(s) stay in their own home. We will visit your home once or twice per day to provide care and comfort to your pet.

  • This includes a full half an hour of our sitters undivided attention on your pet.
  • During each visit the litter box will be scooped, water bowls will be cleaned and refilled, and food dishes filled according to your instructions.
  • Your pet will receive plenty of love and affection.
  • Dog walks during pet sitting visits
  • Brush or comb your pet during pet sitting visits 
  • Special instructions will be attended to. This may be such things as providing medication to your pets, turning lights off/on, etc..

Pet Sitting Fees include up to FOUR pets! 
Saves Money for Multi-Pet Homes!


Knowing that while you are away...

...your pets are our top priority.

..your pets remain in their own environment, reducing stress.

...your pets are guaranteed individual attention for their own special needs and companionship.

...your pets are not exposed to illness or parasites from other animals.

...your home maintains a "lived in" appearance in your absence.

...a pet sitting service can be less expensive than boarding multiple pets.

Dogs$25.00 for two daily 30 minute visits
Dogs$30.00 for three daily 30 minute visits, Great for pets with on medication and young doggies
Cats ONLY in a Household $14.00 per 20 MINUTE visit, 1 visit daily..
Rabbits, Gerbals, hampsters, Birds ONLY$14.00 per 20 MINUTE visit, 1 visit daily..
If you have over 4 pets it will be $2.00 additional per Dog and $1.00 each additional cat or cage.

We Do Not charge extra for service scheduled on Holidays.

This is a Family business,  insured and bonded, I also pull  TBI Criminal History Report  every 6 months,  I bring it on my consult you are more then welcome to view it if you wish.